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KBug Hard Enamel Pin


I Smell Books Store exclusive. You won't find these pins in any boxes. This 2" pin is rose gold with white, gray, and pink enamel with 2 pins and 2 rubber stoppers on back. Back stamp: KBug I Smell Books. 

I Smell Books Grocery Tote
I Smell Books Hard Enamel Pin
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I Smell Books custom made hard enamel pin. 1" in size Black rubber stopper. Backstamp of I Smell Books. Pin #1 in our series. 

I Smell Books Large Sticker
I Smell Books Small Sticker
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Small Nerdy Sticker. Great for the book lover. Durable. Height: 1.5 Inches; Width: 2.75 Inches

I Smell Books Lanyard
Back in Stock!!
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This is a grocery tote material (not canvas). Perfect for grocery shopping, books, beach, school, gift tote and any other activity you need to look bookishly stylish. 16" long, 14.5" wide and straps are 11" high. Stitched nicely.

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This is an I Smell Books nerdy sticker. Very durable. Great gift for that nerdy friend or book lover. This is a nice big sticker. 2" high by 5" wide.

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Black 3/4" I Smell Books Breakaway Lanyard. Standard lobster clasp.