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Q: When do the boxes ship out?

The boxes will ship the middle of every month-usually around the 15th! You'll be notified via email with your tracking as soon as your box is labeled.

Q. How much is I Smell Books and what does it include?

Each I Smell Books Box is $30.99 plus shipping. The box will include a newly released YA hardcover novel along with several high-quality goodies that pair well with the featured novel. We strive to make sure the items are useable for every bookworm. 

Q. What age would you recommend I Smell Books for?

Our boxes are geared for ages 12-18 While the genre is targeted to adolescents, approximately half of YA readers are adults :) The subject matter and genres of YA correlate with the age and experience of the protagonist.  

Q. What makes your box unique?

I Smell Books geared for the bookstagram community. Every box will be equally dedicated to pairing high quality goodies with the book itself.  The book and items are selected with careful consideration and both will fall under a unique monthly theme. The box will also often feature something exclusive from the author of the book itself.

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Q: How do I remove items from my cart?

Your cart has an area called "Show cart". Hover over it and click. Another image will appear. You can can the amount of items +/- in your cart from this view. Click update cart to accept changes. 

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