Pre Order Anniversary Book Box - Going Rogue

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I Smell Books Anniversary is coming soon! And we are planning something EPIC! We're "GOING ROGUE! and creating a Special Edition Book Box for October! We'll have our regular YA Book Box but we're going to have this Special Edition Book Box for one time purchase! It'll be a YA Book from one of our AMAZING past authors! @a.j.skelly You remember her amazing book from March right? First Shift! Well, her second book is coming out in October in time for our anniversary! We need to do PRE ORDERS for these boxes because I need to prepare something EXTRA SPECIAL for this box! So, we are offering a PRE ORDER PRICE! The Pre Order price is $45! After August 31 the box goes up to $50!


This box will be like our Classic boxes! It'll have a special Anniversary Enamel Pin, a special mug, a themed candle, the socks and so much more! We're even working on having these books signed by AJ herself! If we can't get that done, then it'll be bookplates! Plus, all the author signed swag we can get our hands on!